How to Choose the Best Pad for Your Pooch

How to choose the best pad for your pooch? along with a picture of dog sleeping on a pet bed.


Everyone likes to treat their pup to a life of luxury. Even if it means buying high street for us and Gucci for them. But, there’s other parts to shopping for dog beds that can affect the beds we do buy and the beds we should buy.

That’s right, just because a bed or brand looks pretty and comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best dog beds for your pooch. Each dog has its own needs, as do you and your home. 

Sometimes, a dog can provide key indications that a new bed is in order such as avoiding the dog bed, trying to sleep on your bed, or even regular bed-wetting. 

So, here at Hiputee, we’ve put together a small list of considerations you should think about before taking home a new pad. This way, you can be sure that it’s the right pad for your pup.

1. Take a visit to Your Fluffy Friend’s Bestie

The first thing you need to do before you can start shopping for dog accessories is visit your vet. If your pup is exhibiting any of the signs mentioned earlier that they are not happy with their bed, it could be part of a bigger issue. 

This is very rarely the case, but it’s always best to be sure there is no virus, anxiety, arthritis or allergies causing your pooch to have an aversion to their bed. 

2. Choose Comfort

There are a few things to consider that will ultimately determine if your dog finds a bed comfortable or not. For example height, size, colour and shape.

There are elevated beds, pet houses, fluffy beds, orthopaedic pads and memory foam mattresses.

Many people stand by the idea that the best dog beds are made with breathable memory foam. This is because of the benefits to joints and limbs when your pup is sleeping. 

3. Match the Bed with your Home Décor

One of the more simple and easy things to consider is your home décor. There are so many different types of bed on the market to match any home style.

For example, if you’re out shopping for dog beds, consider a brightly coloured fluffy bed to match a coloured kitchen, or a beige dog tent to match a shabby chic living room.

Top tip: the best dog beds are beds with blue or yellow colours. This is because dogs are colour blind and can only see grey, blue, yellow, black and white. Other colours such as reds, purples and greens cannot be distinguished and can often confuse your pup!

4. Size Matters

We’ll keep this one simple: if you have a rather large dog, go for the bigger beds. But, large pads are not always the best dog beds for smaller breeds. 

Just like us two-legged animals, your best friend likes to cuddle-up or feel hugged by the bed. So, for a dog to simply lie on a pad with no walls, or walls too far away can sometimes bring on sleepless nights and anxiety.

5. Does the Tag Say ‘Washable’?

Dogs will always be messy and have accidents. This could be drooling, chewing, bringing the garden inside, malting fur or bed wetting. So, when shopping for dog beds, be sure to look at the label. 

Finding machine washable dog beds will make life a lot easier. And it doesn’t hurt to have a bed that can also be thrown into the dryer to keep it warm and fluffy for your pampered pooch.

6. Shop for Your Budget

There’s no bother going out to spend a fortune that would be better spent on household utilities and general living. 

Here at Hiputee, we understand the urge to splurge on your dogs but please know that the best dog beds are not the most expensive. This is why we offer affordable and comfortable dog beds for each and every pup out there. 

And, there you have it; 6 considerations for how to choose the best pad for your pooch. 

Also check out the dog beds and dog houses on offer here at Hiputee. We have pads ranging from the Hiputee Durable Cave Shape Velvet Dual Colour Cat/Dog Toy House to the Dogerman Luxurious Velvet And Leather Fabric Dual Grey And Black Color Bed for Cats & Dogs

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