Monsoon Care Tips for Cats

Monsoon Care Tips for Cats

Monsoons have arrived, bringing fresh weather, cool spells, a respite from the heat, and a chance to snuggle cozily against your furry companion indoors. All good things, but this rainy bliss also brings a ton of responsibilities for any of the cat parents out there. The stifling humidity and persistent moisture in the air can pronounce infection and digestive issues for your kitty.

So, pamper your cats while following these simple yet effective monsoon care tips for cats to keep your kitty in purr-fect shape and health.

Not to mention those infernal ticks and fleas!

  • Keep your cat dry and warm.

This is an obvious first step in pet care during monsoon season. Make sure that your kitty is dry, warm, and clean during rainy spells, especially after an excursion. Keep some towels handy to wipe off any moisture from your cat’s fur. Wet and cold temperatures may result in cats catching high fever and pneumonia, so you might want to listen to us on this one.

In addition, ensure that your kitty is vaccinated before the onset of monsoons. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

  • Choose the right bedding.

Rainy and wet weathers are the breeding ground for a variety of micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi. In this case, the beds of our pets are at the greatest risk. Your pet’s bed should be snug, comfortable, and above all, clean. For this reason, choose the bedding which is easy to assemble and clean.

Apart from this, we know how inquisitive our kittens can be. Thus, the bed should be spacious enough for their movements. Make sure that the surface of the cat furniture is skin-friendly and safe to lick and scratch. Having an anti-skid base is an added boon as it will keep your kitty’s bedding from slipping away.

If you are in search of such a bed, look no further than Hiputee’s extensive range of cat beds and houses.

  • Keep their fur clean.

We know that the hardest part of being a cat parent is coaxing your furball to take a bath. Cats are famous for their practice of licking themselves clean. However, as much as they can be trusted, it is better for you to give them a thorough bathing and grooming routine once in a while. Consult your veterinarian about the correct bathing schedule for your cat, because overdoing it may also end up making your kitty sick.

Always use antiseptic shampoo while bathing your feline babies. Wipe them carefully after their bath with a clean and soft towel.

Moreover, the neck of your cat can be a particularly sensitive area that may react adversely to their leashes or collars. For that purpose, ensure that your fur baby’s neck wearables are made of comfortable, breathable, and skin-friendly material.

  • Provide them fibre-rich diet.

A good and healthy diet is crucial to everybody’s health, and that includes our feline babies. Ensure that their diets are rich in fibre and necessary nutrients. This will keep their metabolism and digestion healthy. Get your kitties dewormed before the onset of monsoons so they do not end up causing indigestion and other gut problems in your pet.

Also, pay attention to what your four-legged friend is drinking during this season. Cats may take a sip from outdoor puddles here and there. This behaviour should be discouraged and the best way to do that is to keep your furballs hydrated. Make sure that their pet bowls are replenished regularly with clean water. Also, their utensils and containers should be washed with care routinely.

  • Clean their nails and paws.

If your kitties could speak, they would be clamouring for going outdoors and reveling in the rainy glory. During these outings, the parts which get affected the worst are their paws and nails. The dirt and grime from streets lodges inside their nails and become the cause of a legion of diseases and infections.

Before the advent of monsoons, clip your pet’s nails and clean them regularly. Take care not to clip them too thin, otherwise they may end up bleeding and in resultant infections. After a trip outside, clean their nails and paws with warm, clean water and a soft towel. If you observe any cracks, injuries, or inflammation, contact your vet at once.

  • Engage them in physical activities.

Who doesn’t like to sleep a little longer to the sound of raindrops pouring outside? Well, your pets are the same. Cats love to snooze and laze around during monsoons due to heavy and pleasant weather. A little shut-eye is all well and good, but prolonged lethargy can result in obesity and aggression in your kitties.

You may try a few tricks to avoid this occurrence. As outdoors are mostly inaccessible during heavy rains, indulge your feline pals in an indoor game and activity. Play with them. Try to interest them in fetch, or simply devise a game around stairs. You can try Hiputee’s prolific collection of Cat Towers, Activity Trees and Scratching Posts which will keep your kittens active and physically exercised.

  • Spend time with them, cuddle them and give small treats to avoid anxiety.

Several animal psychologists have unearthed that the wet season may dampen your pet’s mood. Our furry companions may end up feeling detached, anxious and depressed due to imposed inactivity. It is important to cat parents to step in be there for their furry friends at this hour.

Spend time with your feline companions, cuddle them, play with them and do everything to make them realise that you are here for them. Try giving them their favourite treats if they are feeling particularly unhappy. If the weather relents, take them out for a run or exploration. Even a car ride can go a long way in boosting their day.

  • Keep them safe from thunderstorms, lightning, and heavy rains.

Cats, like other pets, can get startled and frightened during heavy thunderstorms. In an event of lightning and heavy showers, do not leave your kitties alone or outdoors. Provide them a safe place to ride out these turbulent times. It may be under your bed or inside their cat house.

Be gentle, attentive and caring towards your cats. They see their home and comfort in you. In case of emergency, don’t hesitate to call their doctor

There is nothing more magnificent than a happy “meow”. This monsoon, be extra-equipped to usher in a healthy, happy and cozy season for your kitties.