Which Are the Best Online Dog Beds for My Labrador?

Which are the best online dog beds for my labrador? along with a picture of sleeping dog.

Hiputee is the brand you can trust to find the best online dog beds for Labrador friends made in India. 

While the world enters its next phase of peace, skirmish and innovation, we wanted to bring you the best solutions for buying your dog beds. Because treating our pups always comes first and world politics can be somewhere else down the line. And, just to let you in on a little secret: all our Hiputee dog beds online are made in India by professional manufacturers.

And, not only can we guarantee the right pet beds at wholesale prices, we can also bring you the information you need to help choose the best dog beds online for Labrador dogs and other beast-sized furry friends.

With that, you’ll want to make sure you have a:

  • Large Bed

It goes without saying but a large dog requires a large bed. Buying cat-sized dog beds online will result in you gaining a more-than-heavy lap dog. 

So, try finding Hiputee dog beds online for Labrador pups that have room to grow and space to sprawl. For example; the extra-extra-large dog beds online made in India for our Hiputee family. They are on average 80cm long, 70cm wide and 25cm tall, but these can vary. 

  • Heated Bed

Naturally, Labradors are short-haired dogs. Meaning their ability to retain heat is not as effective as a long-haired mutt. And, while you can still get various long-haired breeds of Labrador, the chances are that you have a short haired pup who would be very grateful if you were to buy dog beds online for Labrador breeds that can take a heated element.

Many dog beds made in India are made with high-quality and customisable fabrics. Meaning if you need to open your dog bed to change the padding, insert a heating element or have an extra pocket for storage, you can with Hiputee.

  • Raised Bed

On the flip side, having a dog pad that can be easily raised, or a pre-raised dog bed, will help those few long-haired lab breeds cool down in the heat. 

With hot summers, it’s always best to make sure your pup has an option to sweat through the paws and have access to cool air from all directions. Including; underneath and through the breathable fabrics used by Hiputee’s professional manufacturers.

  • Structured Bed

Unfortunately, our lovable lab breeds are often taken by old-age ailments such as hip or elbow dysplasia. Meaning that some dog beds as well as getting up and laying down can be a painful experience. 

That’s why, when looking at dog beds online for Labrador oldies, you should consider a structured bed made with orthopaedic foam or memory foam that provides the right comfort for aches and pains.

  • Washable Bed

Not necessarily a specific quality when buying dog beds online for Labradors but finding a washable pet bed made in India can be a real game-changer for chewing, drooling, messy or dirty pups. And, labs are known for their chewing behaviours.

Simply find yourself perusing the online aisles of Hiputee to find a reversible and washable dog bed. Then, you’ll have both choice and cleanliness without the hassle of having to buy another new dog bed online for your pup.

So, the take-away from this article would be that the best dog beds for Labrador pups can vary. And, it’s best to find beds that offer as many of the above changeable benefits as possible. But it can also be handy to get your paws on multiple Hiputee dog beds made in India. This way, your pooch will be comfortable with a choice no matter the location, weather, time of year or how they are feeling.

If you’re still stuck for choice, why not call us for a chat and we’ll be able to talk you through the best dog beds for Labrador pups, your budget and your home.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments on Facebook and Instagram. And, keep checking in to Hiputee for updates, news and events about the best made-in-India dog beds online marketplaces can find.

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