Which are the top 5 most popular Pets?

Which are the top 5 most popular pets? along with a picture of different pets.

This world has a love for animals because animals have a love for us, too. With so many across the world opting for house pets and others trying their luck at taming a tiger at home, we have to ask ourselves; what are the top 5 most popular pets to have?

Here at Hiputee, our entire foundations lie on the basis of love for our pets at home. Specifically, those with four legs, a waggy tail and a language of ‘bow, bow’. Of course, all ‘mew, mew’ pets are welcome, too. And, this is why we wanted to share which the top 5 pets are around the world. We’ve scoured the internet, far and wide, as well as asking your opinions, too. Some may surprise you and others might be given but having a pet at home can be amazing for you and them. 

Interestingly, India shares the exact same statistics as the rest of the world when it comes to our love for animals. So, let’s find out which of the world’s at-home animals are the top 5 pets to have;

1. Dogs!

This definitely is no revelation to the pet-loving world. With dogs being the prime breed of domesticated animal for loyalty, tricks, guarding, care, fun and love in return, there can only be one. And, when it comes down to Indian astrology, there is a historical trend of feeding rotti (Chapati) to dark coloured dogs on a Saturday in order save themselves from the wrath of the God, Saturn. 

With this, it might explain the trend of dogs such as Beagles, German Shepherds, Labradors, Boxers and Great Danes.

2. Cats!

As with the rest of the world, the second most popular pets include our feline friends. As low-maintenance, calm and very soft lap creatures, they will always be a welcome addition to movie night with the family. In India, you may find some small Himalayan, Mumbai, Siamese, Persian and Main Coon fur babies rubbing up against your leg for a relaxing stroke. 

Fun fact: when it comes to cat pets and their beds, though, you may be better looking at tepees and tunnels (which are all available at Hiputee) rather than the generic flat bed.

3. Birds!

They’re fun, they’re feisty and they can take flight while muttering something you said earlier. Exotic birds happen to be in third place when it comes to the top 5 pets around the world.

With parrots and other birds being popular pets in India, it is said to stem back to when parrots were presented to Kings and their wives for entertainment. Then, many other exotic birds such as; cockatiels, budgies, love birds, zebra finches and pineapple conures, started to perch in homes across India.

4. Fish!

Next up is one of the lowest maintenance pets anyone could have other than nothing; fish. With some popular breeds including the ever-accessible goldfish, other exotic breeds are taking some of the fame in tanks around India. But, this wasn’t always the case, one of the top 5 pets around the world used to be hamsters but in recent years have been bumped down the list. This is due to a growing love for beautiful and graceful fish such as the; Betta, Guppy, Tetra, Loach, Rainbow, Shrimp and Catfish.

5. Guinea Pigs!

A final contender in the top five pets around the world and in India is the guinea pig. Most popular throughout big cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, the guinea pig has become a fun and clean rodent to have around the house.

However, a fun fact would be that guinea pigs can get lonely. So, they always have a companion, but two guinea pigs will always be better than one!

And, there you have it. If you’re looking for a new friend to join the family, why not consider one of the top 5 pets loved in homes around the world? Our four-legged furries provide comfort and relief when we get to cuddle with them at home. And, they love our company, too (most of the time). So, use this true care from popular pets to gift them a new premium bed or pad made right here in India.