#SuperPet 🐾 + #SuperMom 🦸‍♀️ = #PowerfulBond ♾️


It’s difficult to express this feeling of being a cat meowmy to Plowy. It’s a beautiful and fulfilling journey of our life. Plowy made me a meowmy. So proud to say this. We got her when she was just 26 days old. I held her in my hand for the first time and she was so delicate I was scared if my hands might hurt her.

But as soon as she sat in the car with us to go to her Furever home, she was quiet and calm. I remember we played Atif Aslam songs and she instantly slept off.

Slowly she started accepting us as her meowmy and pawpaw. We started having our breakfast together since I had to go to the office. She used to wait for me sitting quietly near the door. As soon as she saw me walking inside, her tail used to be up in the air in excitement. Then covid happened and we both were at home for 24 hours.

Best time of our lives. That bond we created is so special to us. Now imma full time meowmy to Plowy.


Jackson means the world to me! 🌎  We're very lucky to have him in our life. 💗 The day he came into our life was just so Precious. I had tears of Joy by holding him in my hands.💋🙈 The day was the 07th of July 2021. 🤩♥️ Our life is so colourful since the day we have him by our side. Memories with him are just priceless! 🤗😚🧿 Whenever I don't get time to play with him, due to my busy schedule. He just came to me with his favorite Wiggle Ball & rope toy Ball! Seeing him makes me like Chalo yrr khel lete hain 5 min. Thinking of just that 5 min., I sometimes don't get to know that I played 30 minutes With him. 🙈😅

He is all my comfort! 😚🙃 Such a Pawfect Booster he is! 🤭🥰 I can see he loves all of us selflessly, as Love is selfish & he proves it all.💟  Our love for him is so deep & true, no matter what he does, we will always be there for him. 🤗💫💕 He always tries us to make Happy every time Whenever he sees us with dull faces. 🙃🙂

Thank you Jack for always making me cheer up! 💋💞🤩🤗

I love him still, and he knows I always will, till the end of my time! I won't change my mind.💖💌💫🧿 Tons of Love to my little shining star! 💫💋🥰 Love is 4 Legged with a tail & a wet nose. 🐾🐾🐕🐶♥️

Home is where a 4 Legged & purest soul is! ⭐💥💯


My baby SNOWIE! He was so tinie tiny but so sick when we rescued him, I was so afraid for him. I picked him up from the streets in chilly winters and was out of hope that he will survive or not. I was someone who was indifferent to pets' existence and had never been involved with dogs and never touched them. I was clueless about what needed to be done, But ever since I saw him my heart is stuck on Snowie! Proud Indie Parent!

We were destined to meet. And now After recovering there is no going back since then.

He is all super active! Zoomies expert. Not a cuddler, but a treat to see his happiness when I come back home. He is a quick learner and his mere presence wins everyone's heart and keeps everyone smiling.


Happy Mother's Day to all beautiful Mommies. (Pet Mommies and human Mommies)😊🤗

I have been an animal lover since my childhood. I would see Indie puppies with their mother and would think when will I have a pet. Then came a day, when we found a labrador puppy on the streets. She was not even a month old. We didn't know where she had come from and honestly, we didn't even know anything about breed dogs. We were just happy to see her.

Looked for her mother but the puppy was all alone. Then we took her home. All of us were very happy. She adjusted in the family just like sugar melts in the sweets😊. Then after a long time, we learned that she is LABRADOR BREED. Until then we had no idea about dogs. She was our first pet. She was with us for 5years. One day, she fell ill and then she crossed the rainbow 🌈 to puppy heaven 😔😪

All of us were very sad and couldn't gather ourselves out of that sorrow. And we had also thought of not getting any pets from then on. Because we couldn't handle the grief.

After a long 8years, we realised that we couldn't bear that emptiness of not being a mom to a pet. Then came god's miracle "ANGEL THE FAIRY'' in our life 🥰 a new hope full of happiness &  encouragement for us. After she came into our lives, we were once again a 'COMPLETE HAPPY PAW-MILY '🐾 We cherish and thank god every day for sending her into our lives. We LOVE ❤ 😍 her so much that no words can describe the feeling.

Thank You God🙏🤗🐾🧿

This is my our Paw-mily's story about me and my guardian sister DOLLAR, my family's first pet🤗


I'm gonna share my journey with my fur baby…

People asked me the reason behind loving my doggo like my own child. Here is my answer…

When I was broken and depressed.. with 4 little paws and innocent eyes god gifted me, my first child, I named him Rio

I felt so sad everyone left me alone. Rio gave company to come out of that depression!

I realised one thing! Dogs are so much better than humans🥺❤️

Whenever I faced a bad day I used to play for 10 mins it was like magic within a few minutes my mood changed into happy mode.❤️

He gave me the strength to face hard situations with his love and affection .. Day by day I saw the true colours of a person who used to live with me.

Whenever I was crying and sad.. he would come and lick me😍sometimes he used to bark at me to divert. I am very lucky to have a child like him..after many struggles I got separated from that person who used to beat and irritate Rio a lot… finally I gave up we both are living a happy life❤️Thanks @rio_thelabrador2021 for everything love you nana😘

Thanks, @hiputee for giving me this opportunity to come and share your story with your fur babies.


We together have very cute funny, emotional & cherishable memories🥰  of my little tiny love whom I named Oreo❤️  He is my best friend, best listener, best care-taker🤗. The day I want to start is when I brought Oreo home when he was 1month old. I adopted him from the roadside shivering alone with maggots. I saw him and took him home. I treated him with all love and care. Although my parents did not agree to keep him, his puppy eyes convinced them to give him a permanent home and they also brought toys and a cute bed to sleep in. When we both are together every day is special. I was so depressed and always felt alone. But after he got paws in my life everything changed like "MAGIC''✨Morning walks to night naps together with Oreo are the best. The cutest memory was on his birthday. He was so excited that he didn't feel tired all day. He was so happy to meet his new strays friends. The cake baked by me and pizza made by me for Oreo is the yummiest treat for him ever because he ate it all in less than a minute😂 I never used to get fed up with his tantrums. My legs are his new bed now😂 although in the morning it hurts a lot but I never disturb him from his nap. We together won many games in the events because our team is the best. I could not expect anything else more special to come into my life. Oreo means a world to me now I cannot imagine my life without him. Now he has become the reason for my life and for my family too🤩 Even now when I'm writing this I'm smiling I can't explain how much I love him❤️

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than u love yourself❤️No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gonna love u and wag his tail whenever u come home and show his happiness😻There’s a saying If u want someone to love u forever, adopt a dog, feed it and keep it around🥰


Well, my life changed when I adopted my 3 Shih Tzu babies in my life 2 years back when I lost my sister tragically. We both were dealing with a HUGE LOSS that nobody could replace. Me, my sister, and their Dearest Hooman mom.

Bringing them home looked like a huge responsibility as I was so unaware of how to deal with dogs and now they are a part of my existence, My Babies by soul ..!! My UTMOST PRIORITY was for them, to accept me and the bonding journey started this year. I wanted to give them the best of everything which any mom would for her child. And so our bonding started. Every day was a memory of closeness and getting to know each other. Their moods, Their playful fights. Their Food tantrums and of course they compete among themself with Trick For treats with their favourite treats. We started creating memories of Fun Times while we socialised at pet parties together or just played at the park or chilled at a pet cafe. Our memories of bonding together have gone stronger day by day. The early morning excitement to jump on my bed with wet kisses and demands for belly rubs. To be received with a playful jump on and a run towards me after returning home. Funny memories of Bubbles the youngest Shih Tzu who has the habit of sneaking away from the door and chasing the cats and having his entire hooman kids running after him to catch him.

Or memories of Bailey my Shih Tzu stealing away her treats from the kitchen and giving a Puppy face when caught. The list is ENDLESS. These are just a few of ..Wishing more such Happy memories in our lives with my furry babies. MyFur babies not only give me companionship, unconditional love, and loyalty but they have a key part in giving meaning to my Life and I PROUDLY SAY, My Babies have Fur.


From the moment Kaju came running up to me and chose me to the moment he lay in my arms drinking milk from his sipper bottle I realised what it is to be a dog mom. From there on, as the days passed by I realised what a huge commitment this is. It is not always bright, there are bad days too and those are the days your pet needs you the most. Those days are what really test your care, attention, and love. And the happiness to see them overcome those bad days cannot be expressed in words. You realise you're a team and you are each other's support system till the end of your days. For those whose souls have yet not been touched by the love of an animal, you're missing out on the true meaning of love♥️


Do you know when you stare into the eyes of your dog or just pat them, it releases the hormone oxytocin in the dogs as well as in us! This is the love hormone that is responsible for making us feel the sensation of warmth and love near them! And make them feel the same towards us! Dogs have emotions! They do feel everything like we do! In fact, studies even claim that dogs can get jealous when we play with others instead of them! They are one bundle of emotions! They feel protected, loved, and cared for near us! This is why we need to protect them at any cost! They are no different than human babies! The only difference is we, as humans, grow up! But they remain a kid forever even when they get old! Protect them at any cost! They are the only ones who will give their life for you if needed! They are the synonyms of unconditional love!


Today, when I look back in time, I can see that I have changed a lot in these five years. And these changes are not limited to just a few things. I am particularly happy about one change-the transformation of my perception and feelings for this flurry, floppy-eared animal. And today, I can call myself a proud #dogmom #superpawmom . Being a pet parent changes you a lot. From those never ending long walks to the infinite hearty conversations, your four-legged furry friend teaches you a lot about love and life. After all, nothing can beat the joy of meeting a happy dog face, who cannot wait to greet you at the end of a hard-working day. Your canine partner makes for the best buddy to have around. I learned that when you adopt a puppy you may not realise how your life will change for the good and you can't imagine living any other way after that. Believe it or not, life is beautiful when you have a four-legged fur ball for a best friend! There is no end to the adventures we gonna have together. My love for you RUSS is like a circle it has no beginning and will know of no end.


Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Meri Maa💕♥️ every day is mother's day not only a day 💖 #happy_mothers_day❤️

"Mom" the only human who can understand you without words or a language.

I don't like how the world looks but I know how my mom looks and for me my mother is my world 🌎♥️

For a very long time, my hoomans wanted to have a pup! Then the day 24/08/2021 I came into their lives🥰 and my mom says that I brought so much happiness also with me😁 the bond between me and my mom is the bestest bond my mom says I am the bestest girl, and daughter ever! 😉 For all I am "Luci" but for my mom, I am her "Bettu" 🤩 mom always calls me bettu and I love this name also it's not just a name but it's a full of emotion and purest love which my mom gave to me ♥️💖 I am the luckiest girl ever that's why I got the best home, best mom, and the best humans♥️ they love me unconditionally 😘 all the millions of love kisses cuddles are for me 😋💓

My mom says being a mother doesn't mean being related to someone by blood, It means loving someone unconditionally and with your whole heart❤️ and bettu no matter how much you will grow I'll always gonna a love you like a baby girl😘

Thank you mom for understanding me when no one else could, for listening to me even when I couldn't speak, for holding my hand in fear, and loving me more than anyone else could🧿

God could be there every time so that's why God created mom💓 thank you mom for everything you did❤️ btw just a few words can't define the bond between me and my mum, but here is the bond between the bestest mom and daughter😌😊 I LOVE YOU MOM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART❤️


It was the 29th of May 2021, when she came into my life. Yeoja is our very special girl and we share an incredible bond. The bond I have built with her over the last one year is so strong. Having a pet that wants to spend time with you, as Yeoja does, makes you feel wanted and appreciated. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about how lucky I’m to get to be her fur mumma❣️

Whenever I hold her in my arms and rub her with my palm, there is a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words. She’s our supplier of daily smiles and has been a wonderful blessing from the very start.


Being a paw mom or hooman means u r covered with furr, showered with unconditional love, and nourished with sloppy licks and kisses.

The journey of Fluffy and mom starts with " Is ghar me ya toh kutta rhega ya maa' and now its "mere bache ko kutta nhi bolega koi, uska naam h fluffy" 😂

My mom didn't like dog when we adopt Fluffy but slowly Fluffy not only make my mom a dog lover but also removes her fear of dogs. Now my mom's favorite child is Fluffy.

Earlier she doesn't allow fluffy in her room and now they both sleep together, she fed her food and spoils her with extra treats ...

After adopting Fluffy, the one thing I learn is that if there is any magic on earth then that magic is in dogs. They can do anything with their pure love ❤.


Let me tell you how I meet my bluffy 🙈🤭!! That was a little bit sad and an interesting story!! When I was a child my grandfather was having a Pomeranian same as bluffy!! He loves me, Soo, much ♥️when I cry he loudly barks!! And call my parents by his bark ♥️!! one day when I came from school! All were silent, no talk and I was like what happened dadu 🥺!! Why are you crying today is my father's birthday and you are crying, That day was my father's birthday ♥️and we all were very happy!! Then my grandfather said taffie is no more with our!! That day was an Unpleasant day for us♥️!! And then after taffie my grandfather also not there with us ❤️🥺!! I was like what the hell!! All my favourite things are leaving me!! It was like a hell of depression !!then I decided to have a pet again like taffi!! And I bought a cute same to same taffi named as bluffy ❤️!! Miss you my taffi and dadu❤️!! Love you bluffy for making my life again happy ☺️🤞

My pet, Bluffy ❤️is close to me and I love him very much.😘 He cheers me up whenever I’m upset and we go for a walk every morning😘. He wags his tail with joy when I return from school.💜 I take him to the veterinary doctor occasionally for vaccination.💕 He is not just my pet dog, but my best friend too. He is indeed a blessing in my life.”♥️♥️!! Very lucky to have you my blufffffyyyy 💕I love you so much ♥️♥️♥️


Being a Mom has more to do with unconditional love and care for another being. Whether or not that being is covered in fur, or walks on two legs or four legs makes no difference to me. “Charlie”, is not just a pet for me, but a piece of my heart, a part of my family, he is my cute little baby. He relies on me for love, care, and more. His life begins and ends with me. It's up to me to make him happy and I make sure I do all that I can to be the best Mom possible. To be a pet Mom is different, mostly because they never grow up. They will always need you, they will always want you, and they will always depend on you for everything they need for as long as they are here with you. I give him everything that I have, and I love him with everything that I am. I surrender my wants, for his wants. I deny my needs, for his needs. When he is hungry, I feed him. When he is thirsty, I offer him water. When he is dirty, I bathe him. When he is messy, I clean him. When he is sick, I care for him. When he is afraid, I comfort him. When he needs exercise, I take him out for long walks. When he needs playtime, I play with him. When he needs rest, I rest with him. This makes me feel like I am doing my best to give back the unconditional love that he gives me. Life seems completely different, exciting, and worthwhile with him. He does the most ridiculous little dance when I tell him it's time for a treat. It's fun making him wear the small T-shirts that I buy for him. He doesn’t like them but still, he wears them mostly because he has no choice, but also because he loves me. He has taught me more about being human than actual humans. People tell me he's just a dog, but I've experienced more empathy, more kindness, more compassion from this four-legger than I have from most two-leggers. My only hope and security is in knowing that he is a part of my life. I will cherish this lovely bond with my baby Charlie Fur-ever. "Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute, Charlie.. you didn't grow under my heart, but in it“ ❤️🤗

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