Download The Frame & Share #PawfectKahani With Your Pet

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How to make an eCard


Share Your #PawfectKahani - A Story With Your Pet

Think about the situation or story that relates to the particular day with your pet.

For eg: On Rose Day, - tell us something that you do with your pet every day?

You can either make a reel using the frame or click an image with your pet using the frame.


Use the Hiputee’s Frame For The Image / Reel Video

Visit Hiputee’s Instagram handle page @hiputee & click on the effects section to choose the effect according to Valentine’s Week Day.

Or you can download the frame by clicking on the image above.


Click A Picture or Record A Reel Of Your Pet Using This Frame

Record a #PawfectKahani of your pet that tells a significant story as per the day.

For eg.: Share the story with an image of when that one hug with a furry friend made you feel the best on a bad day.


Post The Reel Video

Post the reel video or the image on your feed using hashtags

#CelebratingLove #PawfectKahani #Hiputee


Add Caption That Explains The #PawfectKahani Of The Day

Also tag your 5 friends in the comment section & encourage them to participate


Voila & Post

Contest Ends on 14th February at 11:59 pm.

1 winner will be chosen every single day!

Winners are declared on 21st February 2022.